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2016 is the year I’m going to dip my big toe into the Independent Pool of many talented, self-published authors. Will I sink, swim, or simply do the doggie paddle? It’s anyone’s guess, isn’t it?

Portrait of swimming golden retriever dog  

storms-coverStorm’s Interlude was my first book. Published six years ago, this contemporary Western earned several awards, including the HOLT Medallion Award of Merit and Book of the Year at Long and Short Reviews. I’ve gotten the rights back, refreshed the story, and self-published it in eBook and paperback forms. This will be the book one of Rosefire, Texas Romances.

Manly and muscular santa claus with christmas presentsMy first Pistols and Passion Novella released in October, 2016. A Christmas novella, UP THE CHIMNEY features a police detective whose heart is set on a woman and he doesn’t mind making a bit of a fool of himself to get her, even if it means getting caught in her chimney on Christmas Eve.

Fashion beautiful woman in Paris, France

Cover for NIKOAfter updating and adding 4 more chapters, what was once Mona Lisa’s Room is now NIKO: Licensed to Kill.  Alyson came to Paris to celebrate her fortieth birthday and have an adventure. Not once did she expect to foil a terrorist’s bombing attack or be put under the protection of a younger French agent who knew more about life and love than she did. Nor did she expect to run the streets of Paris in a new pair of Pradas while being chased…or to meet a delightful older French woman…or a gay poet from Australia…or a German street musician…or karate kick two terrorists with her new Pradas. Or be kissed in public on a busy Parisian Boulevard by Niko, the counterterrorism agent charged with keeping her safe. There was little safety in his arms, only heat–and lots of it.

What was originally Rain is a Love Song is now JEAN-LUC: Once is Never Enough.

Cover for JEAN-LUCHer daughter’s kidnapping right in front of her eyes. Murder in the sex district of Paris. Going undercover. Zoey’s trip to Paris to visit her pregnant sister, Alyson, wasn’t to include any of those things. But it did. Thank goodness for counterterrorism agent, Jean-Luc LeFevre, who rescued her daughter and vowed to keep them both safe. He’s such a serious alpha, Zoey can’t resist rattling his he-man cage…and she does it so well the poor man develops a tick in his eye. When they go undercover in Budapest to catch a member of the Red Hand, there’s more going on under the covers than either is prepared to give up.

Cover for BASTIANBook three of Paris Intrigue series is BASTIAN: The Spy Who Loves Me. Known is the underground jazz clubs of Paris as Jazzman Bas, he can play soulful songs that touch everyone’s hearts. But back home in Berlin, he’s known as Bastian Becker, counterterrorism agent and drone specialist. He hadn’t meant to fall in love with Luna Reynard, a woman who moves from man to man, but his heart hadn’t read the memo on rules. Even when she becomes involved with an associate of Red Hand, Bastian watches and waits with protection in mind. Or is it more?


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