Vintage Vonnie Blog

Welcome to my blog—“Vintage Vonnie”. For years it’s had its own place, but I’ve decided to move it to my website to save a bit of time. And there never seems to be enough time, does there? We’re all so busy.

I just got word this week that “Mr. OH” will release on November 3rd. This is book one of my Billionaire Doms series. All three will contain Dominant men and submissive, yet sassy women. Being vanilla myself, I’ve had to do a lot of research, talk to a lot of people who live the lifestyle. Whew! I learned more than I ever imagined. But not to worry, I won’t share it all. Lord have mercy, my granddaughter might read it. I mean, she’s married, but …

I write on a variety of heat levels because different readers like various things. Some like extra hot. Some could care less about the sex; just give them a good story. Make them laugh or cry. Give them sighable moments. That’s what romance is, right? Those heart-touching moments … and they can come in any heat level.

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